Chambres d'hôtes du vent solaire

Audierne Bay

Between land and sea

Open to the waves of the Atlantic, the Baie d’Audierne stretches in a long arc spanning from the pointe du Raz in the North to Penmarc’h in the South, and offers a great variety of landscapes. Cliffs in the Northern part, sandy beaches and rocks along Plouhinec and Plozevet, and sand dunes in the South. The natural diversity is such that it has favored the emergence of a exceptional fauna and flora. Behind the dunes, ponds and reedbeds are ome to more than 300 bird species.

There, you will enjoy a great variety of landscapes and activities, and discover the gastronomy and local products from the sea: Seafood, Guilvinec langoustines, oysters, lobsters and great fish